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VIII Axel's Journal

Just some things to commit to memory



If love be rough with you, be rough with love. Prick love for pricking and you beat love down.



February 4th, 2007

Before work ramble

On my first day of work at Hatou Topiku I get a call saying they over scheduled...so today I go in at 4 and get off at 7....wow...3 hours...And what better way to spend my extra few hours then updating my journal ....riiiiight.

Wiiiiii....speaking of....I wish I had a game I wanted to play for that damn thing >.> Come on...why am I the only one who wants to play Twilight Princess or Trauma Center in this house!? THEY ARE FREAKING AWESOME DDD: Oh welllll maybe some time after acen I'll buy one of the two >.>

Acen....I bought all the green fabric for my Lee outfit! YESSSSSS!! -right~o pose- I have to finish my Gaara's gourd still but its coming along so nicely! Im really proud of myself XD I'll have to post the pictures of its progress when I get them off the camera. The bad thing about discovering that Im super awesome at making this crap is that I'll probably end up being prop maker-chan forever..>.> Neat. 

 OH! I got a teddybear in the mail! Chad and mom I love you both! Hugs and kisses to you! It really is the sweetest thing! I never really expected to get a teddybear when I had made that post about needing one cus I was lonely at the new place... Thank you!

MANA-SAMA COME TO ME! OMG I LOVE YOU! -manly porn star voice- Come to my roooom little giiiirl XD NO SRS BUSINESS! What's up with the trip to come molest Mina and I? I NEED TO KNOW! 

OMG DEG...no really DeG DDDDDD: IM GOING TO SEE THEM! Yes I have mentioned this before but my brain still isnt quite grasping this idea yet. I mean all these people who like them now and are liek OMG withering to death DEG YESSSSU CONCERT! have no idea what its like! I mean...Im a child of GAUZE for the love of God...Do some of these people even know who La Sadies are!? I've loved them for YEARS and the idea of them coming to america was a mere joke in the past...something we could only dream of...and now...in a week. Ill be shaking their hands. K Im gonna die now. <-- enough of that dorky rant >.>

Last 4 Naruto filler thoughts:

- Naruto needs to get a life...and stay out of Gaara's...srsly...he wasn't even there for that flashback >.> 



-Gaara....is so damn hot.

OK that...is all for now. I need to go do something entertaining so i can stop being nervous about the job -grumble-

January 28th, 2007


 Ah back from the dead?! No...I never died by my internet connection does about every five seconds. This is making my life really miserable!! GRRR! CAN'T IT WORK SO I CAN ENJOY MY HOTT RP FUN~!?~!?~ -kicjs compu-chan many MANY times-

 Ok now that I've complained about that...again I'll actually say some useful things...

- I SAW AN OWL THE OTHER DAY OMG! Now you might be thinking....big deal..and owl. YES. BIG DEAL!! I've never seen one that wasn't stuffed! And it was in the middle of the city..in broad day light! I heard that was bad luck but let me tell you my friend...nothing but good luck ALL DAY!!

- The same day we saw Mr. Lucky McLuckyowl we went to the mall which is attached to the Target Setsuna works at. She went to work and we went to shop. 15 min into our little trip into the mall Sets calls me saying "Meet me by electronics....NOW"...SO I was confused but we went as fast as we could. At the end of the run was the most glorious sight.....

They are nearly impossible to get around here...for those of you who have them...you are lucky. And Im now part of that club XD
I had fun making all my little miis. My favorite are of couse my Lee, Gaara (who can bowl really good XD), and Gai (who's accuracy is frightening >. .>)

 We found various things we had been looking for in the most unexpected places all day that day. And it was GREATNESS! 

The downside of the past couple weeks is still there though... I still havent gotten a job yet. I had an interview for Hot Topic that I wont hear about until Wednesday. Im not sure that I'll get it because I don't know a whole lot about the VERY latest and "upcoming" american bands. Oh well....fuck that. I guess I'll have to keep looking...but I sure feel like shit when I think of Sets trying to cover my rent...

Ive been reminded of school a lot. I cant pay for that right now and it depressed me SO BAD, I did so much to try and make it so I could get in and the only thing holding me back is money. I cant get loans because of someone I was attached to for a while. Yes I could if I had a cosigner but I have NO ONE. I dont have that mom and dad to help me through school...I saw Mina applying the other day...it almost killed me. She gets in for free...and its like she doesnt even care about it. Must be nice.

Acen is a wonderful and at the same time troublesome (HAHA) thought for me. I love cosplaying and being with my friends but it comes down to money again. I'll need some where around $300 to cover this trip and without the job..ugh..kill me. Then there is the ...this past week I havent really been sticking to my diet plans thing. I really dont want to be a fat Lee but I dont think Ill totally escape that..oh well =.=

 OK one more bit of good news so make you forget get my depressing whining. IM GOING TO SEE DIR EN GREY OMG I THINK IM GOING TO DIE SOMEONE PINCH ME CUS I DONT BELIEVE IT RAWR!! I'll be rocking it into Valentine's day (woo my favorite) a favorite band of YEARS! Too bad I wont know anything from their american cd cus...a lot of it hurts my soul...BUT OH WELL! Ill remember the good ol days while I watch them on stage XD 


OK enough...time to go wii it up.

January 19th, 2007



(For Lauren -jordi124- ...MY Gaara ♥)




January 6th, 2007

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December 30th, 2006

I moved!?

Christmas was a let down. It always is. I hate seeing people so happy with their families...giving gifts and crap. Must be nice to be able to do that. I hate christmas...Im a real scrooge about it >> 

in other news..
... two days ago I moved 4 hours south of my home! Bloomington. I love Bloomington....its so gorgeous.  I'm pretty lonely rhough. I have my 'Iruka' here with me and my shika-chan and Neji will be moving in all too soon but I still feel lonely. 

-sigh- I have a lot of work to do! I'll be finding a job soon as well =.= It wont be so bad. Money...if I have any to spare will be saved for acen. Cons are always nice and relaxing and I think I need a vacation. Like...a fun one. Though when I think about this con...it might not be so stress free. 

I sleep on the couch and will until 'Iruka's' roommate moves out. This looks like some time around...MAY. The cough isnt THAT bad but...its a couch X . x If any one has a spare teddybear for me to sleep with at night...could you send it my way? T ^ T

OMG OMG OMG!! I got online to check things and realized I was subscribed to DA again! FOR A YEAR!! My favorite Lee in the WHOLE world bought his sensei a subscription -tears of joy- This makes like so much easier XD Thank you so so so much! I love you! -teacherlovehugs-

Ok enough of that  >.> I need food...

December 23rd, 2006



Im putting another piece here because DA is all anti-naughty-gay >.> This piece was actually done for the contest in

leegaara. I'm pretty sure I wont be winning as my rival is the most popular guy in the world or something =.= (Im just spiteful because I hate my own art...it never seems good enough =.= ) But I still like it ^^; Please take a look...if you are "over 18" that is XP (its not really that bad...you see worse on tv I swear...>.>)


December 19th, 2006

So for those of you who don't know I suffer the wonderful psoriasis! (For fuck's sake look it up. Dont ask me if I can give it to you like an STD or something cus thats NOT what it is -grumble- ) With all my stress my skin has gone to hell in a hand basket. My elbows and knees havent looked so terrible ...in FOREVER! So the cure? The most relaxing bath I've EVER had! Dead Sea Salts are my new sexual fetish XD Its so calming combined with ipod-chan and low lights! You should try it just to TRY it! Though...the jar of salts is like $20 and lasts like a week-two weeks if used by the instructions X . x
After bath-chan I get to bathe myself in E oil which makes me so nice and soft! Come on touch me...you know you want tooo -wiggle- Oh and IM taking vit E with Fish oil (FISH SICK!). Doing all this is much better than taking the meds the doctor would give me. The side effects are insane!! Skin so thin you can see through it, kidney/liver faliure, and blood disorders. What the HELL am I gonna do with pretty skin if I have no KIDNEYS!? I'll stick with the natural stuff now thanks...even if it means suffering this crap forever. Dont like it? Get over it XP 
  So it was doctor suggested I change my diet. Yea I wanted to go on one to be a bit more of a skinny-chan but....a vegetarian?! The first thing I thought was 'nooooooo Kankuro likes his hamburgers!!!' XD I was afraid I couldnt have milk and stuff but no if Im a ovo-lacto vegetarian (who the hell comes up with these names) I can have milk, butter, eggs, and the like. Not so much eggs because I'm supposed to be avoiding the protien or something >..> -grabs salad fork- Well...at least Ill get the skinny part.

    So on to things that arent like TRAUMA CENTER REPORT!! -healing touch- (Lee-kuuun I can't beat the one after the 5 in a row!! T ^ T ) I'm moving to Bloomington on the 28th. That makes me both happy and sad. There are some things...and someone Ill really miss. Ill also be missing Mina's birthday. Im really sorry about that. We'll all throw a party to make up for it later! Promise!  
    uhhh....I have two art contests due on the 21st that are nothing more than sketches. Im going to be tearing my hair trying to get these done! Also I have an art trade with an AMAZING artist on DA. I'm getting some naughty LeeGaa from them and in trade I'm doing KisaSaku....yes yes...you read right. It's actually kinda sweet...

I NEED COSPLAY! Acen is only 4 months away and I cant wait! SO I will list my cosplay plans for each day of Acen:

Thursday: Mild boy Decora-chan or Hat-less TJ Kankuro
Friday: TJ Kankuro (with my KARASUUUUUUU)
Saturday: Rock Lee (and a 15 min Gai so I can take pics with my favorite Lee EVER!! Wear the hear clip for me? ^ o ^~ )
Sunday: Decora....Lee!? XD <-- I dont really know yet
Every Rave Night : RAVER KANKURO YEAAAAAAAA -cue black lights and glow sticks-

People I look forward to seeing: Lauren!!!!!! (MY KAZEKAGE GAAARAAAAA OMG OMG OMG), James (LEE-KUUUUN♥), Tim (TJ SHINO), Chad and Nikolai (if they both can make it!), Miku (TJ HINATA/SnJ Neji), Sean (is that the sp of his name Miku? LIL NEJI-KUNNNN),  Heather (hellahot ANBU-CHAN/SnJ Sasuke), Keitaro-kun (what are you doing!?) and of course favorite and only acceptable Deidara (er I dunno what she's doing for acen though D: )

Rest of our Naruto cosplay group: Mina (Shikamaru...I wish shed do some Kiba XD), Taru (TJ Neji OMG YEAAAA & itachi/sasuke maybe?), and Sets (Karasu FOR THE WIN)


MIKU!! SnJ NEJI? OUI? NO? If you do it omg...NejixLeexSnJNeji XD

Ok so NOW Im going to go pack up Gaara's xmas present from Neji and I and then work on my Naruto CRACK DOUJINSHI!! LeeGaaKankGaiLee (sprinkled with a lil NejiLee, SasuNeji, DeiGaa -vomit-, and Kankiba)

December 16th, 2006

My Heart 18


Well...I can't post the rest of My Heart on DA because I don't want to be ban hammered! SO! The rest of the story will be here from this point on!

My Heart is graduating to mature audiences only pffft XP If you follow this link you understand that there is possible man sex...no pun intended XD SO don't be angry with me if you click this and see naughty bits and didnt want to >.> 

MATURE CONTENT  <- for warnings sake...it's not THAT bad yet >.>

December 8th, 2006

Not my kitties...


I want something happy to update with....

I don't have that this time either. Today I found out that moving will require me to choose between my two cats. How do you do that?! I can't leave Luna behind...I nursed her when she was a kitten near death. Shes been through everything with me. But I love Sora. I havent had her that long but she stole my heart so fast....

Someone please PLEASE give me a bit of a break huh? ...please...

I wonder how much heart break a person can take....

December 4th, 2006

(no subject)


Happy Birthday Lauren!!!
♥ Soleil

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